The Useless token ($USE) is a deflationary multi-chain-token whose true value lies in the utility it provides. $USE is the native currency behind the All For One (AFO) mobile app (Decentra inc.) and the first fully decentralized ranking system, called Eclipse. Useless parent contract is on the Harmony (ONE) network and tokens are currently bridged into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC, $1USE). According to the project’s paper, its mission is to “reclaim individual finance and digital ownership by providing accessibility to the crypto space” and aims to do that by providing access to tens of thousands of decentralized liquidity pairings via various products and partnership, such as the AllForOne mobile app. USE is a utility token that is used for: - Tracking the rank of projects in the ECLIPSE decentralized ranking system. - Unlocking premium features in the All For One crypto charting and wallet app. The use-cases and partnerships allow the DAO (and therefore the token) to collect fees which will exclusively be used to develop further utility for the useless ecosystem. Useless's goal is to sell and market their existing products, such as ECLIPSE, to different projects in the DeFi space, collect funds, and develop further utilities and products, all with the ultimate goal to provide decentralization, evolve DeFi and expand their own ecosystem. The Useless community are fierce DeFi advocates. Therefore it's community-led with an elected DAO committee in charge.

Useless ($USE)

Surprisingly Useful. Powering theAll For One (AFO) App, ft. the best Multi-Chain Wallet on the market, the first DeFi Marketing Tool ECLIPSE and more.