Buying $ONE on Exchanges… what gives?

If you’ve tried to buy Harmony $ONE on Binance or KuCoin and then tried to transfer it out, you’ve probably received the error message that withdraws were suspended, or it just paused and took a few heart-stopping hours to finally appear where you wanted it to.

Even on, buying was easy, but the first time I tried to transfer out ONE, I had to wait 24 hours for my whitelist address to be approved once adding. So… what’s the deal? And more importantly: how do you get around this issue?

The answer lies in Harmony’s Horizon bridge, and a little help from our old friend BNB.

First, it’s possible to buy BNB-bridged-ONE from Pancake Swap using BNB, you’ll just need to get ahold of BNB however you’ve been doing that (Binance, KuCoin,, directly through Trust Wallet, etc).

Or, instead of buying ONE directly from exchanges rife with withdraw issues, simply buy BNB, send to your wallet, and then use Harmony’s horizon bridge to bridge BNB -> ONE.

Harmony’s instructions here:

If you’re doing this with Metamask, make sure you have the Harmony network added to your wallet.

Once you have your BNB->ONE (bBNB or “BNB” in the Harmony Mainnet RPC) in your wallet you can bridge it over to the full ONE token using OpenSwap by connecting your metamask and swapping bBNB for ONE. Once you have the ONE loaded in your wallet you are ready to purchase any ONE native token like $USE!



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Useless ($USE)

Useless ($USE)


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