DAO Progress Report 02/12/23

Useless ($USE)
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Hello Useless people!

We’ve had an awesomely productive week here at the DAO committee. The exciting news is that we’ve reached an official agreement with Dappd to build the Eclipse widget we’ve been talking about for the last few months! Here’s the transaction where we paid them, for transparency: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x6927a41f3b097e81d7135b50b8167d215dca7e1ffb6073404ea636d536a23182

The widget has three main components:

  1. Widget — This is the listing of tokens by the amount of Useless they have spent to be ranked.
  2. 2. dApp — A front-end to the widget. Allows our partners to add projects by paying their listing fee (with an adjustable percentage taken out based on each partner agreement) and lets the tokens being listed add Useless to raise their rankings.
  3. 3. Admin Page — This lets anyone with admin rights (DAO committee or potentially a future Eclipse sales team) adjust information about listed tokens (e.g., token name, summary information) and in the future will provide analytics.

We’re also getting a new Eclipse contract along with the widget. This is necessary for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that the current Eclipse contract only has a single owner. The new one will also not hold any tokens at all. It will just automatically credit each listing with the amount of Useless they sent to the contract and then send the tokens through to the Multisig/furnace.

So, let’s get into a breakdown of why the widget is a big deal. What it does is gives the DAO specifically a tool to host Eclipse outside of All For One.

The widget allows us to work with partners (like Aequinox and BSC.news) to have the widget on their website in exchange for a referral fee for anyone who signs up through them. This gives them the incentive to push listing on Eclipse!

Great news from our discussions with dAppd, they are working directly with us as partners for the widget, and are going to continue working with us beyond. In exchange for waiving some up front fixed costs, they will receive a small royalty on listings. This also means they’ll have an incentive for upselling their future clients to list on Eclipse! Given the number of contacts dAppd makes with other projects, the potential is HUGE.

dAppd has given us a deadline of April 6, 2023 to deliver the widget. We’ll keep you all in the loop about how it’s going and let you know if anything gets in the way of meeting that deadline.

Finally, our own Rebelyorkshire has summarized the week’s price action for us all.

That’s all for this exciting week! Keep on being Useless everyone.

Useless DAO Committee



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