DAO Report 11/20/22

Hello Useless people!

We’ve had a quiet week in the world of crypto. Frankly, after the horrors of last week, quiet might not be so bad.

The main thing the DAO has done this week is organized private sales of 1USE from the treasury. This occurred for two reasons.

First, we didn’t want to sell on the open market and hurt the price. A private sale avoids this.

Second, we need some funds that we can spend to further develop our main utility of Eclipse.

In trying to find someone to develop a widget that will let us sell Eclipse to websites, we were having trouble getting people to take Useless in trade. By selling to a private investor, we’ve avoided both of these road blocks.

Now that we have some BUSDT (approximately $4,666 worth) we can start serious work on getting an Eclipse widget, which will make Eclipse easier to sell.

The easier Eclipse is to sell, the more money we’ll have for the project and Furnace. We hope to kick start this virtuous cycle and help us all get to the Sun!

For a list of the current funds and a log of the transactions, please visit: https://bscscan.com/address/0x0aaa18c723b3e57df3988c4612d4cc7fadd42a34

That’s all for this week. Keep on being Useless everyone!

The Useless DAO Committee



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Useless ($USE)

Useless ($USE)


Surprisingly Useful. Powering theAll For One (AFO) App, ft. the best Multi-Chain Wallet on the market, the first DeFi Marketing Tool ECLIPSE and more.