DAO Report 02/05/23

Useless ($USE)
2 min readFeb 5, 2023


Hello Useless people!

It was a great week for the crypto world with some big gains!

It’s amazing what a little green can do. It feels like we’ve made it through the worst of this bear market and there might be good things on the horizon.

Check out the graph by our very own Rebelyorkshire:

The big news this last week was that Reedone was confirmed to take the open seat on the DAO Committee.

He’ll officially start on the 18th of February, but he’s already participating in DAO duty, so everyone welcome him to the team!

We had a good, productive meeting with Dappd and the only thing left is their final offer on the price to create the Eclipse widget. There are also some potential new features they might be including that are pretty exciting, but until we’ve got digital pen to digital paper we don’t want to spill the beans.

Finally, we’re working on some tweaks to the Constitution now that we’ve been actually functioning as a DAO for a bit. Nothing too major, just refining some language and adding some sections to further detail the role of the committee and some processes. There will be a proposal up for that probably in the next week.

Thanks for supporting the project and keep on being Useless!

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Useless ($USE)

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