DAO Report 02/26/23

Useless ($USE)
2 min readFeb 26, 2023


Hello Useless people!

It wasn’t a great week for the market, and Useless was no exception. It’s weeks like this that remind us of the value of being more than a meme coin. Building real utility and value will be key in the inevitable bull market!

The changes to the Constitution passed. This is the sort of boring procedural thing that comes with being a DAO and avoiding the wrath of the SEC, so thank you to those that participated.

We’re also in the final design stages for the Eclipse widget. Once Dappd’s design expert looks over what Talden has created, they’ll begin development of the smart contracts and dApp.

We had one exciting development this week. Our very own ADC executed a search warrant on some old v2 liquidity pools and made some discoveries. With the help of Carc, we were able to recover a whopping 46 BNB!

This was old liquidity that Carc and Lance weren’t able to move because at the time it was locked. The question to the community is this: what to do with this BNB? It is LP and LP is sacred to Useless.

We could hold onto it and use it to seed a future Ethereum Useless liquidity pool, which would be the most simplistic thing. However, it is LP and your money, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas, let us know! If the idea is good enough, we can put it up to a vote.

Last, but certainly not least, Rebelyorkshire has summarized the week’s price action in an easy-to-read graphic:

That’s all for this week! Keep on being Useless everyone.

Useless DAO Committee



Useless ($USE)

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