DAO Report 03/05/2023

Useless ($USE)
2 min readMar 5, 2023

Hello, Useless.

After a long period of experiencing poor market conditions, the Useless DAO continues to build, and we have exciting news! The Eclipse Widget is now out of the design phase and has entered the development phase!

The committee is in regular contact with Dappd to review progress and ensure the build meets our goals. We will keep the community updated and answer any and all questions when you have them. Once we finish the development of Eclipse, we want to continue to expand and mutually benefit our partners and Eclipse listings.

Just a reminder, there is a referral benefit for anyone who refers a token that lists on Eclipse!

Now that we are about to reach the next huge milestone, we’d like to turn our attention to what we might do next! To do that, we need to begin the early discussion here and now. Are there any specific chains we should look at adding or bridging, or are we satisfied with the chains we are currently on? Currently, we are aiming to support Harmony, BSC, and ETH (dependent on if we can get the Ethereum bridge up).

As a DAO, we rely completely on community feedback, as anyone can initiate a vote at any time. What future goals, utility, and partnerships would you like to see? Do you have any connections that could benefit the DAO as a whole?

As we work to launch Eclipse soon, we must remember to ask… Who’s Useless now?



Useless ($USE)

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