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2 min readMar 27, 2023


Hello everybody!

One proposal down, two to go!

The rebrand proposal was a success with our highest engagement yet. However, that was just the first step. Now we’ve got two more decisions to make as a community.

The first new proposal is all about what we want the new brand to be. We’ve put up the proposal with two options (https://snapshot.org/#/uselesscrypto.eth/proposal/0x52df644a8fd66d8bc4bb42ea632778b5a499fa7a1333a2c18796a453b4551460).

Voting FOR the proposal is a vote for rebranding as ECLIPSE, our main utility. If you don’t like that and want to vote against it, please make sure to provide your alternative option in the comment section.

The other proposal is how the new contract should deal with taxes on transactions (https://snapshot.org/#/uselesscrypto.eth/proposal/0x47f9dd3ef24431a7215747c1b9a929be385b325f61d98f69058c2ab0309519c1).

This one has several options, so make sure to read the proposal carefully.

Finally, as we move toward the relaunch, we’re looking at employing Dappd to handle the airdropping/LP movement/contract launching for us. Since we’re dealing with all of our money, we want to be as sure as possible that there are no mistakes. However, to do this we may need to employ some of the v2 liquidity that was recovered. If we do that, we’ll put it up for a vote, since again, it’s all of our money being spent.

Last, but certainly not least, Rebelyorkshire has summarized the week’s price action in an easy-to-read graphic. This one’s not pretty because of a big whale sale, but at least they aren’t there to dump on us after the relaunch!

That’s all for this week!

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Useless ($USE)

Surprisingly Useful. Powering theAll For One (AFO) App, ft. the best Multi-Chain Wallet on the market, the first DeFi Marketing Tool ECLIPSE and more.