DAO Report 12/18/22

Useless ($USE)
1 min readDec 18, 2022

Hello Useless people!

It was an action-packed week for Useless! Let’s get right into it.

The bridge is back! Thanks to the assistance of a Harmony engineer and the tireless efforts of our very own Talden, you are now able to move seamlessly between USE and 1USE. This should make sure now that there aren’t any serious price disparities between the two.

Just go to https://bridge.harmony.one to move your assets. We’ve also had another successful proposal. The proposal to turn on Harmony tokenomics passed with flying colors!

The next step will be getting some time with Carc to activate everything and make sure the whole process works smoothly. As a reminder, the initial disbursal will be in Useless to avoid having a huge sell-off to buy stable coins.

Finally, a reminder to go download All For One on the Google or Apple app store! The more people who use the app the easier it is for us to sell Eclipse to people. Also, here at Useless we get a cut of every transaction. Go shill AFO!

That’s all for this week. Keep on being Useless everyone!

The Useless DAO Committee



Useless ($USE)

Surprisingly Useful. Powering theAll For One (AFO) App, ft. the best Multi-Chain Wallet on the market, the first DeFi Marketing Tool ECLIPSE and more.