Useless ($USE)
2 min readJul 27, 2021


Dedicated to Honoring Crypto Community Leaders “Working Hard Behind the Scenes”

1) Tell us about yourself… How did you end up managing crypto communities?

I first invested in crypto in 2017 at the initial Bitcoin bubble and bought some Litecoin but had no clue what I was doing. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve spent countless hours reading about crypto, researching, watching videos, and connecting with other crypto enthusiasts on sites like Discord and Telegram. I ended up managing crypto communities by finding a project that I really believed in and wanted to help grow. It’s been a blast getting to meet and engage with everyone in our community!

2) What is your channel about?

Our Discord channel brings our community together and allows people from all over the world to gather and connect and talk about our Useless project. People ask questions, the developers respond quite frequently and we have a laid back, relaxed feel in the server.

3) What do you like most about your communities members?

Aside from the diversity of our community, I think I like the curiosity and engagement they provide. We have a lot of people asking questions, not only about our project but crypto in general. People are trying to better themselves and understand the space more and more. A lot of this is new and exciting and we are more than happy to help them navigate through anything they may not understand.

4) If you can change one thing about the crypto world, what would you change?

I would change the barrier to entry in the crypto space. Right now it’s still a relatively difficult field to enter and many people are hesitant to join because of how hard it is to make a transaction. I think we are getting closer to making crypto mainstream and become a one-click transaction process. This will help speed up adoption so that anyone can partake in this exciting part of history.

5) Any other things to share?

DYOR, never invest what you can’t afford to lose, and network, network, network! The crypto space is relatively small and many people are connected into several different projects. You may meet someone in one project and then run into them in another project. It’s really one of the best parts of crypto, getting to network with and meet others. It’s a lot of fun!

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Useless ($USE)

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