How to buy USE/ONE with Harmony

Useless ($USE)
2 min readMar 31, 2022

For this you will need MetaMask, and to have the Harmony Network added. To easily add Harmony, go to, connect wallet then add harmony shard 0.

1. Buy $ONE either through TW directly, or an exchange like Binance,, or KuCoin

2. Send $ONE to Metamask -

- Exchanges will only send ONE to addresses that begin with “one…”, in order to obtain your “one…” address,

copy your Metamask address beginning with 0x and paste it into the search field at

There you will be given an address starting with “one1…” That is your converted 0x->one address.

Use this address when sending ONE from an exchange to MetaMask

3. Once your $ONE is in your MetaMask wallet, head to Viper Swap at

4. Connect your Metamask wallet to ViperSwap.

5. You’ll want to swap $ONE into $USE, the contract address (make sure to leave some ONE leftover for gas) if USE doesn’t automatically appear is 0xC079d0385492Ac2D0e89ca079c186Dd71ef49B1e

6. Make sure to use the Gear icon and set slippage to 4% so the 3% taxation goes through

7. Click approve and then swap and confirm the transaction. If it fails, try one more time.

8. Congratulations! You now have USE/ONE!

In order to see it in Metamask make sure you add the custom token address 0xC079d0385492Ac2D0e89ca079c186Dd71ef49B1e



Useless ($USE)

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