How-to import your Trust Wallet into the AllForOne app

Useless ($USE)
3 min readApr 22, 2022

Trust wallet is a great starter wallet for DeFi, and for viewing BSC and ETH tokens, but if you’re looking for something a little easier, with your wallet’s data imported directly off the blockchain, you should check out the AllForOne App, powered by Useless Crypto.

You can download the open beta today to get started here:

iOS: Android:

Please keep in mind if you are an iPhone user, you’ll have to download TestFlight first.

Step 1: Open Trust Wallet and tap the Settings gear icon on the bottom right

Step 2: Tap the “Wallets” tab to open up your wallet menu

Step 3: Select the (i) next to the wallet you’d like to import to AllForOne

Step 4: Select “Show Secret Phrase”

Step 5: Select warning options and press continue

Step 6: View your secret phrase. NOTE: You can copy to clipboard the secret phrase, or physically write it down, but DO NOT SCREENSHOT this screen. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SEED PHRASE EVER, THESE ARE THE ONLY KEYS YOU HAVE TO ACCESS YOUR WALLET. ANYONE WITH YOUR SEED PHRASE CAN ACCESS YOUR WALLET.

Step 7: Open the AllForOne App and tap the “wallet” tab at the bottom of the screen

Step 8: Tap “import existing wallet” and select “Recovery Phrase”

Step 9: Enter your recovery phrase. If you copied to clipboard your recovery phrase, you can paste the entire thing in the larger “paste recovery phrase” single box below the 12 boxes. Scroll down and click “import” to finish.

Step 10: Enjoy your multi-chain view of all your tokens!



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