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2 min readJan 19, 2023


On the 18th of February, six months have passed since Useless has become a DAO. Under our current constitution, which was partly set up by former CEO Carc, and completed by the current DAO members, a new election proposal should be on the way. But today we’re proposing something different to the community, with the token’s success on our minds.

While a lot of work has been done, many projects are still ongoing, initiated by the current DAO members. We have concluded that continuity will be key to finishing the work. This is why today we’d like to propose an extension of the period for the current members, except for one position.

We truly believe this will be for the good of the project. Changing all positions now would get us into a lot of trouble transitioning everything over, while we’re making good progress with projects, partners, and the token.

It’s very important that you don’t think we’re greedy or the salary is the main drive here. This is why we’ve partially waived our promised salaries in tokens for the past 6 months we’ve served. Moreover, we will also restructure salaries for our next period, given that the community will accept the proposal.

Again, the main rationale for running as a block is to maintain continuity. The DAO Committee has proven to be a successful working group and would like to continue on behalf of the token. However, one member (Nicholas), will not be moving forward. This was a consensual decision to give Nicholas space to focus on things he, understandably, prioritizes at the moment.

By maintaining the majority of the group, we not only keep the institutional knowledge intact, but the working relationships both inside and outside of the community will continue.

This means:
The six members remaining on the Committee (ADC, Ed, Talden, 5X, GreetingsFromMichigan, and Harry Backman) are all running for reelection. Additionally, due to work commitments, ADC will be moving from being the president to a committee member. Talden will take his place as president of the DAO Committee. This is also a consensual decision within the committee.

As this is the first real election (the previous six months were an appointment) each member will be elected for a one-year term.

The final committee member seat will be replaced in a special election. A channel will be created on Discord where potential candidates can introduce themselves, state their reasons and desire for running, and argue as to why they would be the best candidate.

We propose to re-elect the current DAO members for another period (18/02/2023–18/02/2024) to make sure there’ll be a flawless transition, the groundwork has been done and ongoing projects will be completed. However, we will put out one community vote for a free spot in the committee, previously occupied by Nicholas.

Salaries for some members will be lowered, to make sure the treasury isn’t running dry.

If you’re accepting this proposal, please vote. If you don’t, please vote and don’t hesitate to give feedback. The committee will be available for questions in this regard.




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