The Furnace — let it burn!

  • UselessSwapper Smart Contract : Using the swap-contract, users can send BNB Smart Chain from their wallet to the contract address. The contract then buys $Useless token and sends it back to your wallet. This all takes place without the risk of connecting your wallet to PancakeSwap.
  • Pump-n-Burn : $Useless token is purchased from the revenue generated by the project’s products. This will soon be automated to prevent the accumulation of more and more tokens. The tokens will be sent directly to the burn wallet after purchase and destroyed.
  • Bypass-Contract dApp : Useless Crypto, LLC has written a contract that bypasses the taxation as a dApp. For example, it will be possible to transfer the $Useless token from an exchange or to an exchange without the taxation taking effect. Instead, a 2% fee will be charged in the form of BNB. This will allow holders to switch between exchanges for trading of the token.
  • Easy to Use Charting App (releasing fall 2021) : Our well-organized app will provide compact information on the listed tokens and will also display the chart in different time frames. Profile management will show the overall performance in relation to the purchase price. The app will also show the behavior of the token’s whales. Our aim is to create for the crypto world what already exists for traditional stock trading.
  • Charting App-Token Listing Contract : A smart contract that is created when a token initially applies for listing. It stores $Useless as “points” for the ranking. To increase the visibility of your favorite token, a holder can send BNB to the contract. The contract then buys $Useless, which recharges the tokens points and standing in the listing.
  • The Furnace Contract : A mechanism that keeps the liquidity pool of $Useless stable, according to various rules:
  • BNB taken from the furnace
  • Purchase tokens
  • Burn
  • When doing buyback and burn, liquidity will be drained quickly
  • Raises price
  • BNB is split 50/50
  • Buy tokens with half of the BNB
  • Pair tokens with BNB
  • Inject to liquidity
  • Token-neutral operation: Liquidity is not reduced but there is still buyback
  • Raises price
  • BNB and token pair up
  • Inject to liquidity
  • Depends on how many tokens and BNB the furnace has from side tokenomics.



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