Useless DAO Progress Report 01/08/23

Hello Useless people!

We had some positive price movement this week which is always fun. Green is good, to paraphrase Gordon Gecko.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks we’ll be receiving an official bid from dappd for building the Eclipse widget. The challenge we’re encountering is whether to make it fully web3 versus web2.

Web3 would mean that the Eclipse listings would interact entirely through a blockchain-based wallet interface. This has several upsides, including future-proofing the widget, enhanced security, and being a bit more hands-off from our side when it comes to listing new projects. However, it requires more work on the backend.

Using a web2 methodology (e.g., email/password login) might be more simplistic and cheaper, but it would require someone from Useless to interact with the process. The challenge we face is how and when to allocate our financial resources effectively.

We’ve also had some cool new updates on All For One in the last week. Amir has integrated Web3Auth into AFO. This will let new users create a wallet using email (e.g., Gmail) or social media login (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook) while still being totally decentralized. It’s an amazing feature for those people who are crypto-curious but don’t want to deal with confusing seed phrases.

Also, on the beta app, in-app staking for Harmony was pushed out. This has been something numerous people in Harmony circles have been asking for, and it’s already gotten a little bit of a buzz on Twitter from some Harmony bigwigs.

The app is really coming together so tell your friends!

That’s all for this week. Keep on being Useless everyone!

Useless DAO Committee

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