Useless Interview — Jackie Dutton aka 2pacsofcoors

Give us a brief introduction about yourself. “What’s up. I’m Jackie, Marketing Director for Useless. I’m a SoCal native, a proud Bama grad (Roll Tide), current East Coaster, and a woman in crypto… which might as well be considered an endangered species there are so few of us, but it’s getting better!”

Tell us a little bit about your background & expertise. “ I’m a formally trained actress and comedian through the Second City Hollywood. It is my habit to build laughter out of inadequate materials. I have a background in acting, writing, production, and video editing. I’ve produced several live performances, and with my YouTube channel have had a few viral videos. I also have a BA in Advertising from the University of Alabama with a double minor in bar-hopping and Division 1 NCAAF opinions.”

Watch Jackie’s video :

When did you first start getting interested in cryptocurrency? “I have been interested in crypto since I made my husband (then boyfriend) explain what bitcoin was. I was fascinated by it. This had to be around 2014. But I didn’t purchase my first crypto until around 2017 when I had some money to play with. During the last major bullrun.”

Why do you want to innovate in the cryptocurrency space? “I want the space to be accessible for all who are interested. All women, older people, and people who have been discouraged by the difficulty to buy in. There is so much potential in crypto, and so many possibilities for blockchain technology. It’s definitely the future and I want to make it as user-friendly for the every-day person as possible.”

If you could change one thing about cryptocurrency, what would it be? “How scammy the “influencer” space is in crypto. So many of them are not for real and they’re just shilling for money without caring if they’ve promoted a quality project or a rug. Which leads to crypto’s terrible perception by those who don’t understand it, don’t do their own research, and then fall victim to bad “influence.””

Why did you decide to join Useless Crypto? “I loved the name. The idea of having “Useless Billionaire” on a shirt made me laugh out loud, and the merch store was one of the first things I set up consequently. I’m a huge fan of satire, parody, and irony, and the concept that almost all crypto is “useless” in terms of real-world application, I felt the name alone had huge potential. Now the project has evolved into so much more, and I love it more every day for that, but initially the humor hooked me.”

What is your favorite aspect(s) of the project? “Our evolution over such a short period of time, while staying true to ourselves simultaneously. I remember when we figured out a “meme coin” wasn’t going to be enough, and we immediately discussed how to make the space better. We figured out what we needed and how to do it quickly. But we haven’t lost our sense of humor at all. We’re still refusing to take ourselves too seriously, we’re still cracking jokes and making memes, and laughing through the insanely frustrating moments, and working incredibly hard every day. We aren’t promising lambos or billions of dollars. We’re promising a great app, super innovative technology for the crypto space, all while laughing and roasting each other along the way. I also love the collection of people that have assembled for this, all over the world. It’s wild, we don’t really know each other but we all have this one goal in mind and we’re working together so well. I’m so honored to be a part of this project.”

Is there too much or not enough regulation in the cryptocurrency space? “As the person who does a lot of communications with our legal team, if you’re doing it as legit as we are, there is plenty of regulation and there are tons of rules to follow. People are getting away with a lot because it’s probably like legal whack-a-mole, but I don’t see this type of “innovation” lasting forever, by simply enforcing the rules that already exist.”

What intrigues you the most about cryptocurrency? “The use-cases are endless. A cryptocurrencies’ utility can range from NFTs to physical products, to another crypto network, and I’m sure this is just the beginning of finding uses for it. It’s a whole new frontier.”

Tell us what you enjoy doing in your spare time (hobbies or interests). “I have 2 dogs and some chickens. So I spend a lot of time trying to keep them away from each other. I went to Alabama and so did my husband (Roll Tide), so every game-day from Sept to the beginning of January is spent screaming at the TV like insane people. I cook really, really well, and I’m always looking for the next recipe that makes you take a bite and think “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.””

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is new to cryptocurrency? “I got my sister to buy Useless by telling her not to spend more money than she was comfortable losing if it went to zero. She hesitated at that statement so I asked her, “Could you easily walk into Target and blow $100 on things you didn’t need and not even know what you bought by the time you left the store?” She said yes, I told her to spend $100 then. And that advice worked out very, very well for her. So that’s the advice I’d give anyone who’s new. Never invest more money than you’d blindly spend at Target on things you don’t need.”



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