Useless is on the road to relaunching as Eclipse!

Useless ($USE)
2 min readMay 27, 2023


The DAO voted on 3/23/23 and 3/31/23 to rebrand as Eclipse and relaunch on Ethereum with bridges to BSC and Harmony, with follow-up votes on 3/31 to vote on taxation structure (we’re eliminating the tokenomics tax entirely), on 4/22 to decide the logo, and on 5/7 to authorize costs related to the relaunch.

Relaunching is a big undertaking and has far-reaching implications. We engaged Dappd earlier this year to develop our Eclipse Decentralized Ranking App (DRA) into an embeddable widget, which will allow us to host the Eclipse DRA on any willing website. Relaunching with a new contract will require updating the wiring of the widget. Since the DRA is entirely web3-based, meaning it functions as a smart contract on the blockchain, we will be having the contract audited by Solidproof.

Other things involved in the relaunch include:

  1. creating a new ERC-20 contract and having it audited
  2. creating a new website
  3. having bridging enabled for the new contract to bridge to BSC and Harmony
  4. and then airdropping the new tokens to our current holders on whichever chain they currently hold on.

We also have to airdrop the Useless v3 rewards to our Harmony holders.

The current plan is to do the Useless V3 airdrop, then halt trading and take a snapshot of holdings, which we’ll then use for the Eclipse airdrop.

We have again engaged Dappd to do most of the technical heavy lifting for the relaunch, per the 5/7/23 DAO vote. Dappd is a web3 and software development company with the expertise to help us in all facets of the relaunch. We’ve been meeting with them in recent weeks and a timeline for relaunch is beginning to shape up.

Follow along our road to relaunch by using the !relaunch command in the discord chat.

Don’t forget, the DAO now has an official spokesman (Mordleif) and Community Builder (Rebelyorkshire). Expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming weeks and months. Please support them by engaging with their Reddit posts and tweets, and by attending and participating in their Twitter Spaces.

We’re all in this together and we have tremendous strength in numbers! It’s time now to start spreading the word far and wide about our relaunch.

Consider this your invitation to help us get word of our relaunch out into the cryptosphere. Let’s let the world know what Eclipse has to offer! Let’s make some noise!

Thank you to everyone in the community who continue to support our shared goal of bringing real utility to DeFi with decentralization, freedom, equality, and transparency!



Useless ($USE)

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