Interview between 2pacsofcoors and Rover

2pacs: What’s up Useless people? This is 2pacsofCoors, here stepping in for VacationCarc, who is on vacation right now instead of being CryptoCarc. So we have something really exciting happening on October 20, and that is a partnership with Safe Earn. So I am here…

Now in BETA mode!

Are you tired of using charting apps that require finger gymnastics just so you can check the price of your latest crypto moonshot? Look no further! The Useless charting app is here to help you track everything you desire, to include an in-app whale watching feature.

Give us a brief introduction about yourself. I’m Lance, a dedicated husband, father and enthusiast for technology. Born in the mid 80’s and growing up in Utah. I’ve always loved to figure out how things work. As a child I was obsessed with batteries and tinkering with electronics. I took…

We shovel in as many tokens as possible.

  • UselessSwapper Smart Contract : Using the swap-contract, users can send BNB Smart Chain from their wallet to the contract address. The contract then buys $Useless token and sends it back to your wallet. …

Give us a brief introduction about yourself. “What’s up. I’m Jackie, Marketing Director for Useless. …

Dedicated to Honoring Crypto Community Leaders “Working Hard Behind the Scenes”

1) Tell us about yourself… How did you end up managing crypto communities?

I first invested in crypto in 2017 at the initial Bitcoin bubble and bought some Litecoin but had no clue what I was doing. Fast forward…

Useless Executive Director — David Wyly

On July 12, 2021, Useless Executive Director was hosted by, a broadcasting news source for the blockchain community. was founded in Singapore and has a network of partners in Hong Kong, S. Korea and China.

Let us welcome the Useless Executive Officer…

Useless Token will conduct their AMA at Asia Blockchain Community on 12 July 2021 8.00 pm Singapore time 8.00 am EST at

Who is Useless?

Useless devised a revolutionary mechanism called Pump-N-Burn, which forms
one half of this token’s Hyper-Hyper Deflationary nature and directly links the success of Useless Crypto, LLC to the…

It’s so Useless, it needed to be burned

The entire ecosystem and direction is designed to buy USELESS — and burn it: two community-lead apps, merch, corporate profit, excess liquidity. Anything and everything will be allocated towards a hyper-hyper deflationary pump-n-burn of the token.

So it’s not just a simple burning of tokens. And the chart will be…

What is the Unique Selling Proposition of Useless?

Useless Use Cases

Useless Crypto, LLC. Registered in the USA, all six core team members are identified on our Useless website.

Useless Merchandise can be found on our merch site. Come grab a shirt, sticker, or hat! …


The first hyper - hyper deflationary token. This token is so useless, we will do everything in our power to buy it back-just so we can burn it and get rid of it

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